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Board of Directors

Pastor Dan Ward, President

Pastor Dan Ward

Jack Denning, Secretary

Jack Denning

VP of Board of Directors
Julie Boersma, Trustee

Julie Boersma

George Ferguson, Trustee

George Ferguson

Treasurer of Board of Directors
Amy Kamps, Trustee

Amy Kamps

Dan Martin, Trustee

Dan Martin

Luke Reynolds, Trustee

Luke Reynolds

Paige Riopelle, Trustee

Paige Riopelle

Secretary of Board of Directors

Ann Baarman

Director of Development

Carlin Bylsma


Gina Kelly-Vis


Brenda Raphaelian, Trustee



Brenda Allen, Bookkeeper

Brenda Allen

Jane Anderson, Services Coordinator, MFS, CFLE

Jane Anderson, MFS, CFLE

Services Coordinator
Cheri Bultje, Intake/Administrative Specialist

Cheri Bultje

Intake/Administrative Specialist
Sarah Lewakowski, Executive Director

Sarah Lewakowski, MA, LLP

Executive Director
Aaron Schantz, MA, LLP - Program Coordinator

Aaron Schantz, MA, LLP

Program Coordinator

TCM Therapist Panel

All therapists on the TCM Counseling Panel are in private practice. They contract their services to TCM at a lower rate. The therapists are experienced in individual, couple and family counseling addressing a wide variety of topics for all age groups. In addition, many therapists have areas of expertise as listed below.

If you are in need of counseling, please call our office at: 616-842-9160. An intake specialist will assist you in setting up an appointment for a counseling intake, and will connect you with the appropriate counselor for your needs.

Christina Adamski, MA, LLP

Christina Adamski,

Marsha Barnosky, LMSW, ACSW, BCC

(616) 402-8327 • 950 Taylor Ave., Suite 100, Grand Haven

Jill Bawks, LMSW

Jill Bawks, LMSW

(616) 326-2564 • New Beginning Counseling,
499 Century Lane, Suite 50, Holland

Jill offers humor, coffee, and creativity in a nonjudgmental space for clients to explore paths to their fullest potential. Her clinical experience includes depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, spirituality, relationships, communication, and questions about sexuality and identity. She loves working with clients of all ages as they find truth in transformation and wholeness in healing.

Emily Berry, LMSW

Emily Berry, LMSW

(616) 403-1724 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Emily has a passion for working with pre-teens, adolescents, and women. Her experience includes working with individuals who are suffering with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, self-esteem, and family issues/transitions. Emily also works as a school social worker with at-risk teens and has extensive experience assisting adolescents and their parents navigate the middle and high school years.

Tony Bordenkircher, LMFT

Tony Bordenkircher,

Evelyn Bosman, LMSW, LMFT

Evelyn Bosman, LMSW, LMFT

(616) 402-6785 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Evelynʼs areas of expertise include depression and anxiety, life transition issues, and chronic health and aging difficulties.

Susan Brenner, MA, LLP

Susan Brenner, MA, LLP

(616) 607-9187 • 622 E. Savidge St., Spring Lake
Susan has a passion for helping clients dealing with chronic illness &/or pain, depression, anxiety, stress and self-esteem. The client will receive counseling in a non-judgmental, relaxing and peaceful environment and will receive supportive guidance on how to navigate life's journey.

Andrea Campo

Andrea Campo, MA, LLPC

(616) 264-7007 • Esperanza Counseling • 503 Century Lane • Holland, MI 49423
Andrea works primarily with school-aged children, adolescents, and young adults. Her specialty areas include depression, anxiety, trauma, skill-building, grief/loss, transition, and peer relationships.

Andrea trabaja primariamente con los niños de edad escolar, los adolescentes, y los adultos jóvenes. Se especializa en la depresión, la ansiedad, el trauma, el desarrollo de habilidades, la pérdida/pena, las transiciones, y las relaciones de grupo.

Debra Cargo, LCSW

Debra Cargo, LCSW

(616) 844-0507 • Isabel's House, 107 South Division, Spring Lake
Debra provides counseling in substance abuse, womenʼs issues, loss and bereavement, faith issues, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Bethany Cramer, MA, LLPC

Bethany Cramer, MA, LPC

(616) 879-9965 • Daybreak Mental Wellness,
3124 N. Wellness Dr., Suite 30, Holland

Bethany has a passion for working with individuals struggling through anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, body image concerns, and trauma and sexual abuse recovery.


Sheila Day,

Jenna Deckert, MA, LLPC

Jenna Deckert, MA, LPC

(616) 405-4733 • 17214 Van Wagoner Rd., Spring Lake
Jenna specializes in healthy relationships, grief, eating disorders and womenʼs issues.

Rob Deckert, MA, LPC

Rob Deckert, MA, LPC

(616) 405-4188 • 17214 Van Wagoner Rd., Spring Lake
Rob is deeply committed to helping people understand their own story in light of Godʼs larger story. He focuses on healing for the past, hope for the future and freedom for the present.

Barb Doorlag, MA, LLP

Barb Doorlag, MA, LLP

(616) 581-8537 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Barbʼs specific interests include conflict, coping & communication, parenting issues, anxiety and stress management, self-esteem and empowerment. She currently facilitates the Conflict, Coping & Communication group, Womenʼs Anxiety/Worry group, and the Love and Logic parenting series.

Jeremy Drake, MA., LLPC

Jeremy Drake, MA., LLPC

(616) 405-1702 • 14932 Mercury Drive, Grand Haven, MI 49417
My goal as a therapist is to provide my clients with a safe, supportive environment, to explore their current situation, address areas of concern, and acquire a new sense of hope, health, and happiness.

Wendy Elzinga, MA, LLP

Wendy Elzinga, MA, LLP

(616) 510-6650 • 509 Franklin Street, Grand Haven
Wendy has a passion for helping families to be healthy and strong. She specializes in working with couples in marital crisis and also enjoys working with parents and children and strengthening parenting skills.

Bob Fevig, MA, LPC

(616) 402-5295 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Strong concern for the well-being of children and adolescents dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, negative effects of divorce, difficult family relationships, and social interaction issues.

Adriane Foster, MA, LLP

Adriane Foster, MA, LLP

(616) 422-1440 • Inpsyght Counseling and Assessment Services
509 Franklin Ave., Grand Haven

Adriane helps individuals (age 8+) reduce stress, find balance and manage the difficult aspects of their lives. Adriane works with a broad spectrum of issues including relationship difficulties and personal issues related to anxiety, depression, self- esteem, stress, life transitions, and motivation.

Susan Herrman, PhD LMSW

Susan Herrman,

Bob Hitchcock, M-Div., MA, LPC CAAC

Bob Hitchcock, M-Div., MA, LPC CAAC

(616) 842-4772 • 321 Fulton, Grand Haven
Bob has a Master of Divinity degree from a Christian Seminary and a Master of Arts degree from Western Michigan University in the field of counseling, with an emphasis in the area of marriage and family. His areas of special interest are EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), addictions, spiritual/theological issues and trauma treatment. Bob is also a Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor.

Dana Hood, MA, LPC

Dana Hood, MA, LPC

(231) 670-0663 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Dana has a passion for working with teens and young adults who are experiencing life changes, relationship concerns, depression and anxiety. She has also been trained in working with Perinatal Mood Disorders with women who have recently given birth or who are pregnant.

Laura Hoogerhyde, MA, LPC

Laura Hoogerhyde, MA, LPC

(616) 502-8347 • 512 Washington Ave, Grand Haven
Laura is passionate about her work for women and specializes in issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, stress, assertiveness training and boundary awareness. She is working towards full certification in EMDR. Laura also enjoys couples counseling helping men and women improve their marital relationships in the areas of communication, listening skills, trust and relationship building skills.

Danielle Hopwood, LMSW

(616) 335-1168 • 923 Beechtree #10, Grand Haven

James Kolbe, LPC, LLP

James Kolbe, LPC, LLP

(231) 893-8336 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Jim has a special heart for couples experiencing marital difficulties and also for youth- at-risk.

Matt Lantz, MA, LPC

(616) 710-3947 • Anchor of Hope Counseling,
36 West 8th Street, Suite 200, Holland

Matt is the primary therapist for Anchor of Hope Counseling in downtown Holland. Anchor of Hope provides family therapy to individuals, families, and couples. Matt specializes in working with teens, young adults, and individuals with sexual addiction.

Hillari Madison, MA, LLP

Hillari Madison, MA, LLP

(616) 842-4772 • 321 Fulton, Grand Haven
Hillari works with clients in a variety of areas, including anxiety, depression, managing chronic pain and other health issues, marriage counseling, attention deficit management, and spiritual issues. She also specializes in psychological assessing for ADHD/ADD and for other purposes.

Kate Meyer, LPC

Kate Meyer, LPC

(616) 834-7670 • Eve's Haven,
14241 Rose Park Dr., Holland

Kateʼs specialty areas include womenʼs issues in the areas of depression, anxiety, self- esteem, grief and eating disorders.

Walker Parmelee, Ed.D, LCP

(616) 842-4772 • 321 Fulton, Grand Haven
Dr. Parmelee provides general counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. He also provides psychological testing including academic and ADHD evaluations.

Christopher Pease, MA, LLPC

(616) 928-4838 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven

Haley Pett, MA, LLPC

(616) 422-5158 • P.O. Box 1582, Holland, MI 49422

Tracy Piasecki, LMSW

(616) 402-3632 • Isabel's House,
107 South Division, Spring Lake

Tracy utilizes a strengths-based approach to increase self-esteem, self-compassion and interpersonal skills in her work with adults, teens and children. She works with clients in a variety of areas including depression, anxiety, relationship issues and family of origin issues.

Dan Qualls, MA, LPC

(616) 935-1246 • 923 Beechtree St. Suite 10, Grand Haven
Danʼs practice focuses on group and family therapy working with the consequences of compulsive and addictive behavior. Dan is also a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist.

Lisa Ribbe, MA, LLPC

616-268-7247 • Harbourfront Place, 41 Washington Ave., Suite 384, Grand Haven

Aaron Schantz, MA, LLP

Aaron Schantz, MA, LLP

(616) 312-3175 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Aaron has a passion for working with kids, teens, and young adults. He offers psychological testing including ADHD evaluations.

Margaret Spoelman, MA, LPC

Margaret Spoelman, MA, LPC

(616) 283-1621 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Margaret works with children of all ages and their families. She often uses play therapy techniques to address all areas of concern.

Marilyn Sytsma, LMSW, ACSW

(616) 842-4772 • 321 Fulton, Grand Haven
Marilyn works with adults with anxiety, depression, marital issues, adjusting to various life changes. She has experience working with deployed and returning military and their families. She also works with individuals who have trauma-related experiences.

Temitope “Topsie” VandenBosch, LMSW

(231) 335-1465 • 509 Franklin Ave., Grand Haven

Jeremy Wiersma, MA, LLPC

Jeremy Wiersma, MA, LLPC

(616) 901-6967 • 1703 S. Despelder, Grand Haven
Jeremy received his Bachelors in Psychology from Calvin College and his Masters in Counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He provides individual counseling for adults and young people ages 15 and older, and is happy to serve all people, from a spiritual or non-spiritual perspective.

Lori Wilder, MA, LPC

Lori Wilder, MA, LPC

(616) 402-4262 • Harbourfront Place, 41 Washington Ave., Suite 384, Grand Haven
Lori enjoys working with individuals, couples and families with a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, marital, relationships, communication, self-esteem, faith issues and parenting struggles. Lori has a deep passion for helping each client to find health and wellness in every aspect of their lives.

Kyle Williams, ACSW, LMSW

Kyle Williams, ACSW, LMSW

(616) 402-1389 • 17 N 4th St, Suite 211, Grand Haven
With twenty five years of clinical experience, Kyle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and nationally certified by the NASWʼs Academy of Certified Social Workers. Kyle is also a certified MentorCoach and extensively trained in utilizing Positive Psychology concepts to effect changes in the lives of his clients.

Allen Winebarger, PhD, LCP

(616) 844-4140 • 509 Franklin Street, Grand Haven
Dr. Al has extensive experience in assessing Attention Deficit Disorder and with the implementation of behavioral and family interventions targeting difficulties associated with the disorder.

Not Pictured

Ben Burgess, MA, LLP

(616) 842-4772 • 321 Fulton, Grand Haven
Ben specializes in EEG Neurofeedback which modifies behavior by rewarding healthy thought processes. Ben also administers psychological testing, ADHD evaluations and custody evaluations.

Joel Ebbers, LLMSW, CAADC

(616) 795-9033 • New Beginning Counseling,
499 Century Lane, Suite 50, Holland

James Hoeksema, Psy.D

James Hoeksema,

Stephen Nauta, M. Div., LMSW

(616) 846-0559 • Isabel's House,
107 South Division, Spring Lake

Stephen brings a variety of experiences as both a social worker and a former minister. He has a steadfast belief that people can overcome mistakes and learn more effective ways to experience life, if they are offered a nonjudgmental environment in which they can think creatively about their life and circumstances. He works with both adults and children. Stephen has studied forgiveness and is skilled at integrating this concept into both individual and couples counseling.

Mary Kuiper Vermeulen, LMSW

(231) 720-5504 • Isabel's House, 107 South Division, Spring Lake
Mary works with with individuals and families in the areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, and clients living with chronic health issues.

TCM counseling
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